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Browns Auto Body Shop

Browns Auto Body Shop is a family owned and operated automotive body repair shop located in Lenoir, NC.


Browns Auto Body Shop was having trouble emailing the necessary forms, photos and other information to their customer's insurance adjustors to file supplemental claims. The problem was, the digital photos of the damaged automobiles were too big. Each photo had to be sent separately or the email would bounce back. This tedious and frustrating process drastically slowed productivity.


nickgreene.com built a custom application that allowed Browns Auto Body Shop to enter the customer's vehicle information and upload photos to their site. The application then sent an automated email to the insurance adjuster(s). This message included the claim number and a link to Browns Auto Body Shop's website, which allowed the adjuster to view the claim and photos online. The adjuster could then convert all the data and photos into a PDF directly from the site, so they could keep a copy for their records. The site is also archivable and searchable if the agent needs to refer back to it in the future.


The new application allowed Browns Auto Body Shop to streamline their filing process from 60 minutes down to 5. It boosted their efficiency and productivity significantly.

Browns Auto Body Shop has received positive feedback from insurance companies commenting on how easy they are to do business with.